TBTV: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Everyone & their mother know about The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air & have the theme song mesmerized by heart.. All 90’s babies will say that’s it’s one of their favorite shows.. Not only was this sitcom funny, but it had some of the flyest clothing in television.. From the Banks family’s sophisticated style to Will’s chill Philly swag, everyone always wanted to look like them.

(to understand the next content I suggest one watch the theme song)

The story line behind the show that is told to the public is that the Banks family (a respectable Californian family) takes in their relative, Will Smith (a street smart teenager from Philadelphia), to raise him to become a respectable, responsible, & mature young man.. Of course Will has other plans, but it leaves him worried at the end because his future doesn’t seem complete..

There are rumors or a “theory” that that all wasn’t really true.. Apparently, Will was killed in a fight in the basketball court in Philly (fight was shown in theme song).. The “rare” cab & driver is actually God where he takes Will to heaven.. He gets to heaven to work out issues with his wealthy aunt & uncle.. He only sees his mother & father occasionally because that’s when they visit his grave.. The ending of him being alone in the mansion, was when he finally got in terms of resting in peace..

It’s okay to take some time to just grasp all the information just given lol.. Honestly I was creeped out on how accurate & kinda fooled the world was about the “real” story line, but doubt that’s true..

To America, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will always be a positive & funny show that everyone still loves even after 17 years.. peace to everyone’s day ✌❤


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